Terms of Service


This site is for use by Authorized Users only. Content is protected by copyright and is only to be used in conformance with this agreement. Under no circumstances are the access credentials to be shared with Unauthorized Users.

Authorized Users include:

- people covered under the terms of a subscription that has been paid for Paid Subscribers.
- people who have been authorized by Heliotronics, Inc. or its authorized representatives to use the service, Temporary Subscribers.
- people participating in Solar Learning Lab(TM) workshops or promotional events who have been authorized by Heliotronics to access the service. These are also classified as Temporary Subscribers.

All Temporary Subscriptions require written or email authorizations for use and terminate after 10 business days or less at Heliotronics' discretion.

Authorized Users are permitted to download and use materials such as curriculum materials and activity sheets while their subscription is paid up. These materials may only be shared with and / or used by other Authorized Users. These materials may not be shared with Unauthorized Users in any way including, but not limited to, posting on bulletin boards, emailing, providing on fixed media such as thumb drives, CDs or DVDs or any other method of data exchange.

Account Types and Authorized Users

School Subscription - A paid up School Subscription encompasses an entire school. It has two types of access privilege: 1) Teacher Access and 2) Student Access. Teacher access includes all access afforded by the Student Access with the addition of features such as Solution Guides and teacher notes. Teacher Access credentials may not be shared with students. Student Access provides access to most portions of the Solar Learning Lab(TM) but does not permit access to 'teacher only' content. All students that are enrolled in a school with paid up School Subscription to the Solar Learning Lab(TM) may access the Solar Learning Lab(TM) using a Student Access Credentials. All Teachers that are employed by a school that has a paid up School Subscription are Authorized Users and may use Teacher Access credentials.

Demonstration Subscription - A Demonstration Subscription is used in training or for sales and marketing. People participating in the training or evaluation are the Authorized Users. They may not share their access credentials with any others as specified above.

These terms of service may be amended from time to time by Heliotronics, Inc. Changes will be posted here and are binding upon the user.

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