+The Solar Learning Lab™ includes live data from over a hundred renewable energy installations.The Solar Learning Lab™ facilitates enthusiastic and effective teaching and learning of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) within the context of the explosive renewable energy economy. At the heart of the Solar Learning Lab™ is the most extensive, live, renewable energy database available to students and teachers. This database offers extraordinary opportunities. To date we have unlocked its educational potential but there is much more that can be done.

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The Solar Learning Lab™ is an extraordinary collection of information and tools for teaching a world-class STEM curriculum. The Solar Learning Lab™ community is a place to find other educators who are integrating renewable energy into the multidisciplinary context that is the future of their students.  It includes a forum to share classroom best practices and resources, and a virtual community to collaborate on the development of innovative curriculums.

We are inspired and motivated by this report, commissioned by congress and produced by the National Academies - Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future - Even as a summary document there is a lot here, a good place to start is to read pages 14 -  17 and then skip down to page 27 to see the impressive collection of leaders that collaborated on the document.  Since that report, this one was written Rising The Gathering Storm Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category V .  We are creating approaches to teaching in which students connect the material to real world experience.  Science is a field driven by observation.  We often point to a mature mind as one that can work in the realm of abstraction.  However, it is important that the reverse be true as well.  After dealing with abstractions, conclusions must agree with observation or else the thinking is flawed.  This video raises the concern that the 'conversation' between abstraction and observation has become all to unidirectional.

Renewable Energy Blog dedicated to providing an understanding of how the US could get to 100% renewables by 2050.  Lots of great posts backed up with high quality links.  From NREL wind and solar resource maps to graphs showing depth and distance from shore of off shore wind development.  Not to be missed.

Solar Learning Lab(TM) is the trademarked trade name for the Solar Learning Laboratory. The term Solar Learning Laboratory or Solar Learning Lab(TM) is used by Heliotronics to refer to any data driven learning tool used in education.

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